T@B USA: Walker Awning & Walker Inflatable Sun Canopy Sunflexx for T@B 320 and T@B 400 Teardrop Trailers

Video: Installation Walker T@B Awning

Video: Installation Walker T@B Awning (USA)

Video: Installation Walker Inflatable Suncanopy Sunflexx T@B 320/400

Walker Awning for T@B USA

Enlarge your camping area with this amazing side tent which attaches to your T@B Camper. Invite special guests to your campsite and experience an evening of mosquito-free fun!

There are zip open screened windows on each side to create ventilation and a nice airflow through your tent.

These tents are an incredible addition to the teardrop camper for numerous purposes.  It can serve as a comfortable changing room, an extra bedroom, or a lounge area to sit under and relax. Quality all the way!

All windows have latest style curtains for privacy that have cool clip-on features.

Use it as a canopy if no tent is needed. Quick additions changes the beautiful awning into a canopy in minutes.

• Depth: 8 feet or 96 inches.

• All models have zip down windows with screens.

• Aluminium frame with Easy-Powergrips included.

• Draught cloth + wheel arch cover and curtains included.

• Weight:  approx 47 lbs for the 320 and 60 lbs for the 400.

• Sizes to fit standard TAB 320, as well as Boondock and Clamshell editions. And also for the TAB 400 and 400 Boondock Lite

More information, prices and options at our dealer ALL PRO ADVENTURES in the USA:

Walker Tent for TAB Teardrop Trailers

SUNFLEXX: Walker Inflatabe Sun Canopy for T@B USA

Unimaginable quality, 100% waterproof, side windows, roll up side curtains for additional air flow!

Pops up in minutes. So user friendly. Talk about efficient… no poles to pack up and store. Finally an awning that takes very little space to transport. Comes with an air pump and inflatable front perimeter tube plus one horizontal tube that fits between your camper and the front perimeter of the awning to ensure sturdiness.

With the windows it feels so spacious and allows you to enjoy more of your surroundings while still being out of the direct sun; or even enjoy the rain while feeling like you are right in the midst of it. Take your camping set up to the next level. Color design to flow with any color camper or setup.

Comes with a nice carry bag for super-easy packing and storing / Almost 8 feet deep / Weighs only 17 lbs.

More information, prices and options at our dealer ALL PRO ADVENTURES in the USA:

Sunflexx Inflatable Awning for TAB 320

Sunflexx Inflatable Awning for TAB 400 Campers